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bringing this back because relevant

When my blood sugar has been crazy all day


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When nonbetics ask you if you remember life before diabetes


Anonymous asked: I'm getting a new pump, and i'm really excited. Is that weird? (I love your blog by the way)

Not at all! I always get excited about new diabetes technology. :) 

flapjacksss asked: Thank you very very much! That's really helpful as I didn't know I could actually disconnect from the thing, I find the shots cool but a pump seems better at controlling levels, I'll ask my diabetic consultant about it and see what she says. This blog is always really helpful, thanks a lot man!

You’re welcome! Yea all pumps you can disconnect from with the exception of the OmniPod, which is a tubeless pod that sits on your skin. There are pros and cons to each pump, so your best bet is to talk with your doctor and see if you can do a trial period, which helped me a lot when deciding! Let me know if I can answer any other questions, and good luck!

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(You can find it here!)